Wiltshire property prices: average cost of properties right now


It’s an uncertain time for homebuyers as many struggle to save for a down payment amid soaring energy bills – but are some places cheaper than others?

But if you’re looking to buy a house in Wiltshire, there’s a big difference in what you can get for your money depending on where you look.

Property website Zoopla shows on its website what the average costs of buying a house are in different areas, so here’s what you can expect if you’re buying property in our local Wiltshire towns:

Wootton Bassett is the cheapest place to buy property

Wootton Bassett is the place to be, it seems, with the average property sold over the last year averaging £200,667.

The average detached house rose to £282,500, semi-detached houses to £160,000, terraced houses to £212,250 and flats to £116,000.


House in Swindon for sale for offers over £250,000

The second cheapest location is Swindon, with an average property price of £273,323.


After that it’s Melksham – where the average property is sold for £295,095.


Melksham is followed by Westbury, where prices are nearly neck and neck.

The average property price here is £297,188, with semi-detached properties, terraced houses and flats all cheaper than Melksham.

But what’s interesting about properties in Westbury is when compared to the cheaper town of Melksham – in Westbury you can get a detached house for £443,222 – but in Melksham it would cost you £434,930.

The Wiltshire Gazette and Herald: Detached house for sale in Westbury for offers over £400,000Detached house for sale in Westbury for offers over £400,000


Close behind is Trowbridge, where the average property has sold for £298,994 over the past year.


Next is Calne, where the average house price is £305,411.


After Calne, things get more expensive in Wiltshire, with house prices in Warminster reaching £333,719, which is the average property value.


And in Devizes the average cost of a house is £352,173.


Houses are also quite expensive in Chippenham, with the average property selling for £354,407 in the town.


The third most expensive place to buy a house in our Wiltshire towns is Bradford On Avon, with the average selling price of a property in Bradford-on-Avon being £477,338.


Malmesbury is the second most expensive, with the average property being £486,847.


The Wiltshire Gazette and Herald: Marlborough home for sale for bids over £500,000Marlborough house for sale for offers over £500,000

The most expensive city is, drum roll please; Malborough.

The average property sold in the popular borough over the past year is £534,118.

In Marlborough, the average detached house sold for £787,615 and the average semi-detached house for £406,777.

Terraced houses cost around £348,877 and the average cost of a flat is £249,341.


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