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Motorhomes have conquered the automotive industry. The movement to pair up and take your life on the road has exploded due to the covid-19 lockdown but still seems to remain appealing to many, but how much is van life costing? While there are many small fees and expenses, the first one to understand is the average cost of a motorhome? Let’s start there and see how far our money goes in the RV world and if there are affordable RVs out there.

Class B motorhome parked in the woods | Leila Navidi / Star Tribune via Getty Images

Are there cheap motorhomes out there?

Ram promaster city From $ 9,000
Hillside Leisure Dalbury E-Electric From $ 30,000
VW Caddy From $ 35,000
Sportsmobile Classic From $ 39,100
Citroën Campster From $ 41,000
Citroën Wildcamp From $ 47,970
Sunlight Cliff 600 From $ 49,000
Winnebago Solis From $ 100,667
VW Crafter MaxTraxx Starting at $ 103,499
Hymer Aktiv 2.0 Listed at $ 114,127
Reference Ford Transit motorhome From $ 125,000
Winnebago Revel From $ 129,375
Adventurous Roadtrek From $ 151,510
Overland Storyteller Mode From $ 153,748

Yes and no. It’s not difficult to spend $ 500,000 on an RV these days. However, few other automotive segments lend themselves to the DIY world like motorhomes do. We’ve covered RVs from every angle we can think of, and in doing so we’ve seen some super rad RVs. From the folks at Caravan Outfitters to Storyteller Overland, there are plenty of options. While the lineup is wide, we’ll focus on the reasonable end of things where most vans are priced. In reality, the price range of motorhomes runs between $ 10,000 and $ 150,000. Not all available RVs will be on this list, but those included are some of the more popular RVs.

What’s the cheapest motorhome you can find?

There are a few options floating around the $ 50,000 mark. According to Go Downsize, the cheapest production motorhome around at the moment appears to be the Ram Promaster City. This tiny RV is about as basic and compact as it gets, but for those on a tight budget, this RV has enough to get you into the van life for under $ 10,000. Prices for the Ram ProMaster City start at $ 9,000.

Other great options for affordable RVs include the much better-equipped Caravan Outfitter Free Bird, starting at $ 37,665. This one is much closer to what most people would expect from an affordable motorhome. Plus, the classic Sportmobile is a killer option. This affordable, affordable motorhome starts at $ 39,100, which is deadly considering that many campers can cost that much and more.

If you look at the top seven motorhomes under $ 50,000, the average cost of a motorhome is $ 35,867. This is actually lower than the average price of new cars.

How much do motorhomes cost?

Winnebago motorhome installed outside.

This segment can get expensive quite quickly. Even with lower starting prices, the options can stack easily. Suddenly the price of your $ 35,000 motorhome jumps to $ 50,000. The same principle applies to high-end motorhomes but in a much more dramatic way.

If you take the price of RVs out of the equation and just look at some of the more popular RVs, you’ll find plenty of models that easily hit the $ 150,000 mark. For example, one of our favorites is the Storyteller Overland mode made in Alabama. This Ford 4 × 4 base is ready for anything, and it won’t let you or your bank account forget it with a starting price of $ 150,000.

The Winnebago Revel is another very popular RV that costs the same as two 2021 Corvette C8s. These RV prices start at $ 121,000. Although it is a large sum of money, the Revel is considered to be one of the prettiest and easiest motorhomes to camp on the market. It won’t make the payouts harder to bear, but you might forget when you walk through the wilderness in your Winnebago.

For the more expensive side of the list, here are seven more of the best motorhomes in the price bracket over $ 50,000. The average cost for a motorhome in the higher tier options is $ 124,882.

Adding up the most popular RV models in each segment and getting an average between the two, the average cost of a RV should cost around $ 80,000. Vanlife might not be cheap if you want to take the new preset route, but you get a lot of vehicles for your money. As with any large purchase, shop around and wait until you find the best deal possible. And, if all else fails, build one yourself from a $ 1,500 non-craigslist pickup truck.

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