The social media post may have just made Young Buck’s bankruptcy case go awry


Young Buck has a little trouble with the United States Bankruptcy Court — and all thanks to misguided social media posts.

According Complex, born rapper David Darnell Brown made posts on Instagram that raised the collective attention of federal courts. Apparently, he’d posted about some of his stuff — like a motorcycle, a set of gold grids, and even CashApp donations — that he previously didn’t disclose to the courts when he premiered. bankruptcy deposit.

Young Buck asked Chapter 7 Bankruptcy in January 2020 – shortly before the pandemic – to avoid paying a litany of creditors, including the mother of his children, the IRS and even Curtis “50 cents” Jackson himself.

The Cashville rapper claimed he originally filed for bankruptcy to evade his G-Unit obligations. In addition to failing to honor his contractual commitment to the label, Young Buck also claimed he owed 50 Cent more than $250,000 in personal loans — and was unable to meet those obligations.

At the time the publications were said to have been made, he was paying the bankruptcy trustee about $500 a month until he could reach a formal agreement with the courts. Now, however, Young Buck is due in court on May 6 to address these new allegations.

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