San Antonio: Multi-Family Developer Relaunches 2018 Proposal for Southtown Market Rate Project


Feature Illustration: Conceptual site plan for Probandt Apartments, a market-priced four-storey residential building of 310 units to be constructed at 400 Probandt Street. Image: Collaborative Davies.

Posted: 15-11-2021

by Adolfo Pesquera

San Antonio (Bexar County) – A four-story apartment building in Southtown that was first presented in 2018 will be presented this week to the Historic and Design Review Board.

Austin-based project architect Davies Collaborative, seeks conceptual approval of their designs for a unique multi-family structure with an enclosed swimming pool and separate enclosed courtyard.

The proposed new structure will be 52 feet tall and include 310 market-priced apartments wrapped around a multi-level parking garage.

As stated in a May 2018 VBX article, this project was originally presented to the Zoning Commission in the spring of 2018 on a petition to upgrade the 4.2-acre site from industrial to multi-family use.

The request was initially rejected because the density level was considered by a majority of the commission to be too high at 400 units. In June 2018, rezoning was approved with the condition that the density be reduced to no more than 80 units per acre.

The proposed site has been a recycling center for decades. It was operated by Federal International.

Partial view (above) of the west elevation of the Probandt apartments. Image: Collaborative Davies.

In 2018, OHT Partners (Oden Hughes) was the only developer identified with this project. However, little progress was made on this for the rest of 2018-2020, and upon its rebirth, OHT Partners is now affiliated with this company with Jimmy nassour, an Austin real estate attorney / land developer.

Nassour appears on this project through Cabot-Chase Ltée. OHT Partners appears on this project through OH Probandt Investments LLC.

In its project summary, OHT Partners identified the name of the project as Probandt apartments. OHT said: “The project will redevelop an existing and active waste and recycling facility which will help revitalize the corridor and catalyze future development. Unlike previous projects in the immediate area, Probandt Apartments will not benefit from any tax reduction program, which means that the full cost of the project will be borne by the developer.

The building will be a 4-story wood-frame VA-type building with a prefabricated five-level parking garage, according to the OHT summary. It will include 8,000 square feet of indoor amenity space, two outdoor courtyards and a resort-style swimming pool.

“The architecture of the project was designed to complement and preserve the historic character of the city of San Antonio and the adjacent King William neighborhood. Large amounts of bricks combined with the panel and slat system help unify the elevations with the vernacular of the neighborhood.

“The project plans to pay homage to the historic aesthetic of San Antonio with a terracotta-style brick. Finally, the large amounts of glass associated with the balconies of each unit help create a strong streetscape scene for the development.

The project site is in the River Improvement Overlay District # 4, which aims to protect the view corridors exiting the San Antonio River. It is protected to the east by the Flats at Big Tex Apartments across the tracks, and the vast majority of The Probandt Apartments will not be visible from the river.

Additionally, there is a significant change in grade – about 17 feet – between the Probandt Apartments and the San Antonio River Trail, which further reduces visibility.

Therefore, the project will be mainly visible only on its northwest and west elevations from Probandt Street.

After reviewing the request for design approval, City Development Department staff provided the following comments:

  • The existing site includes a number of industrial structures and warehouses. A demolition review for these existing structures has not yet taken place.
  • The applicant proposed a sidewalk parallel to the right-of-way on Probandt.
  • The parking structure will be surrounded by residential units on either side and will be accessible by vehicles from Probandt.
  • The applicant has proposed numerous architectural elements which promote a human scale, divided the facade into various building modules and generally expressed building modules.
  • The proposed facade segments are separated by vertical and horizontal stripes, variations in materials and textures, canopies, balcony recesses and variable facade plans.
  • Roof Shape – The submitted perspective renderings indicate that the hipped roof shape will not be visible from certain angles due to the height of the proposed parapet walls. Staff believe that the applicant should study the reduction in the height of the ridge line at each hipped roof shape or submit line-of-sight studies that show that the hipped roof shapes and their ridge lines will not be visible. from the grip.
  • Materials offered include white and red bricks with common bonding, aluminum storefront systems, fiber cement panels and slat siding, fiber cement panels and fiber cement lap siding.
  • Signage – The applicant noted the location of a blade sign to be installed on the Probandt façade.

VBX Project ID: 2018-4D1B


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