Pounds To Naira Exchange Rates / Black Market Rates Today March 10, 2022


Here is the news on the exchange rate between the British pound and the naira at the official and black market exchange rate today March 10, 2022.

Read Naija News update on official book rates as well as Black market rates, Bureau de change (BDC) rate and CBN rate.

How much costs Pounds To Naira Exchange Rate Official rate today?

The official rate today, Thursday 10th March 2022, for 1 British Pound in Naira = ₦546.9544/£1.

According to CBN data, the exchange rate between the naira and the pound opened at ₦546.9544/£1 Thursday, March 10, after closing at ₦545.8316 at £1 on Wednesday, March 9, 2022.

Naija News reports that a pound is bought at the official market in ₦546.2967 and sold for 547.612.

What is the exchange rate for Pounds to Naira on the black market today?

The exchange rate of the pound to naira in Lagos Parallel market (black market) players buy a dollar for ₦760 and sell for ₦765 on Thursday, March 10, 2022, according to sources at Bureau de change (BDC).

Why Prices of Diesel, Avaition Fuel and More Have Rised – Oil Marketers

Rising world crude oil prices pushed up prices for refined petroleum products across the country are increasing.

Naija News reports that the rise in global crude oil prices was caused by the Russian-Ukrainian war and the price of Brent rose above $133 a barrel on Tuesday night.

The rising price of Brent has impacted the cost of Premium Motor Spirit also known as gasoline, Automotive Gas Oil commonly known as diesel, kerosene and JetA1 also known as fuel aviation.

Petrol was reported to be selling at N200/litre, diesel was selling for between N550 and N625/litre while aviation fuel was selling for between N579 and N607/litre on Tuesday.



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