Pakistani arrested for price vegetables below market price; baffled Internet users


The COVID-19 pandemic has been difficult for people around the world, with lockdowns impacting the livelihoods of many. Amid the challenges of making ends meet, some business owners, traders, and street vendors have cut prices in hopes of earning income every day. However, in a single case, a vegetable seller in Pakistan was arrested and arrested for selling vegetables at lower prices.

Pakistani street vendor booked for selling vegetables at lower prices

According to reports, a trader named Waqas has been criticized for not selling vegetables at fixed prices in Lahore. The case then reached the price control authority and a case was registered against him.

The man was arrested on June 15 by order of a magistrate. He was released on bail the next day, according to reports.

In the first information report recorded against him, it was allegedly stated that the tomatoes in his store were sold for Rs 25 / kg while the market price was around Rs 50 / kg, eggplants for Rs 52 / kg. , lower than the fixed price of Rs 60 / kg, onion at Rs 33 / kg lower than the market price of Rs 40 / kg, bitter gourd was sold for 52 / kg, much lower than the fixed price of Rs 60 / kg, finger of lady for Rs 73 instead of the market price of Rs 95 / kg.

Internet users reacted to the news, with some calling it a “hilarious crime” and others expressing shock at the magistrate’s decision.

Meanwhile, in India, a street vendor in Aurangabad offered vegetables for free to the poor during lockdown.

“The old woman came to me and asked me for vegetables for only 5 rupees because she didn’t have more money,” Rahul Labde, who set up his handcart in Ambedkar Chowk in the city, told PTI. Bhavsingpura district.

“I wondered what I should give her for 5 rupees. I then gave her the vegetables she wanted for free, and decided to help other people as well by giving them vegetables for free if they did. are unable to pay, ”he said. .

Unlike the neighboring country’s action, no case has been recorded against him, and he has been praised for his gesture.

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