Infowars Bankruptcy Canceled with Sandy Hook’s Parents


VICTORIA, Texas (AP) — A federal judge in Texas on Friday dismissed the bankruptcy protection case for Infowars and two other companies controlled by Alex Jones, the result of a settlement between the conspiracy theorist’s attorneys and the parents of some of the children killed in the 2012 Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting.

US Bankruptcy Judge Christopher Lopez approved the deal after a brief court hearing. The judge’s action allows the parents’ defamation lawsuits against Jones to continue in Texas and Connecticut, where lawsuits are pending over how much he should pay the families after judges in both states. found Jones and his companies responsible for the damage.

The family lawsuits say they were harassed and threatened with death by Jones supporters because of the hoax plot. Jones, based in Austin, Texas, has since said he believes the shooting took place.

The relatives of eight of the 20 first graders and six educators killed in the massacre and an FBI agent who responded to the school in Newtown, Connecticut, are suing Jones and Free Speech Systems.

Infowars, Prison Planet TV and IW Health agreed to dismiss the bankruptcy case last week after the families agreed to drop the three companies from their defamation lawsuits. These lawsuits will continue against Jones himself and his biggest moneymaking company, Free Speech Systems.

The families and the U.S. Trustee’s Office – an agency of the Justice Department that oversees bankruptcy cases – had questioned the legitimacy of the three companies’ filing for bankruptcy and sought to dismiss the case, saying it is not s was just a tactic to delay prosecution. Jones’ attorneys have denied the allegations.

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