How to avoid bankruptcy? Greg Dunn, a 2022 ThreeBestRated® award-winning attorney from Honolulu, Hawaii, shares some tips


If you or someone you know is in financial deep waters and struggling to cope, just remember that the longer you ignore your debts, the worse it will get. Whether the situation is due to injury or illness (family or personal), work issues or overspending, it can be overwhelming. If it goes from bad to worse and you are thinking (or probably will think) of bankruptcy. It is important to first think about alternatives and solutions to get out of debt. Greg Dunn, a 2022 ThreeBestRated® award-winning bankruptcy and debt relief lawyer, shared tips to protect us from bankruptcy. Here are a few:

  • Live within your means.
  • Set a budget to determine how much money you can spend each month and work within that budget.
  • Don’t spend too much on credit.
  • Have no more than two credit cards and when you get your monthly credit card statement, pay it off.
  • Don’t let the amount and interest accumulate.
  • Take a course in credit counseling or financial management to learn how to manage your money and debts.

Filing for bankruptcy remains the most comprehensive way to erase debt. Since bankruptcy is not permanent, it could erase your debts and allow you to start fresh. Before filing, it is important to consult an experienced bankruptcy attorney and get answers to some of the questions like,

  • What is Bankruptcy?
  • What documents do you need to file for bankruptcy?
  • What happens if or when you declare bankruptcy?
  • What are the consequences of declaring bankruptcy?
  • What does bankruptcy cover? What is not covered by bankruptcy?

About Greg Dunn, Bankruptcy and Debt Relief Lawyer:

Born and raised in Oahu, Hawaii, Greg Dunn is a former Navy JAG attorney who served aboard the USS Missouri. Initially, Greg practiced commercial law, family law, bankruptcy law and debt relief. But later, he developed such a passion for helping people get rid of their debt problems that he decided to focus primarily on the area of ​​bankruptcy law and debt relief. Since then, Greg’s business has handled over 13,000 bankruptcy cases helping clients get out of debt, ending garnishments, saving homes from foreclosure and helping clients rebuild their credit.

Greg strives to provide a forward-thinking approach and competent representation outside of traditional large law firms. His firm provides competent legal representation in a welcoming environment with affordable prices so that all clients feel comfortable putting their legal issues in their own hands. They focus on helping customers achieve their goal of becoming debt free and offer a free credit rebuilding program to help them improve their credit after being discharged from bankruptcy.

ThreeBestRated® Award Opinions:

When asked if he had won the 2022 ThreeBestRated® award for one of the top bankruptcy attorneys in Honolulu, Hawaii, Greg said, “Being listed on ThreeBestRated® is one of my greatest accomplishments. in my career as a bankruptcy and debt relief lawyer. I have a solid track record over the past 30 years, having successfully completed over 13,000 bankruptcy cases and helping Hawaii residents with their financial challenges. So, I can understand why I was selected for the ThreeBestRated® because of my experience and reputation for getting the job done. Greg Dunn does it!

To consult Greg Dunn’s office, you can send an email to [email protected] or visit their website

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