Cost Analysis of Flight from Shannon Airport vs Dublin


The average cost of a flight from Shannon Airport next month is 14% higher than from Dublin.

A Clare FM analysis of scheduled flights from Shannon this summer found only 7 routes were cheaper locally than if you were to fly from the capital.

As part of this survey, Clare FM compared all airlines operating flights to and from Shannon with their counterparts in Dublin.

However, of the 26 destinations offered from the regional airport, four routes depart from Dublin on different days and were eliminated from our analysis due to potential cost impact.

Of the remaining 22 vacation spots, we compared the price of a return ticket on the most popular flights during the first two weeks of May and selected the cheapest option offered by the two airports.

The majority of flights from Shannon were more expensive than from Dublin – with 17 destinations showing higher ticket prices.

The biggest price difference for flights from Shannon Airport occurred on the Birmingham route, with departure from Shannon being 80% more expensive than from the capital.

In contrast, Dublin was charging nearly double the price of a return flight to Budapest compared to Clare Airport.

Overall, the cost of a local flight was only slightly higher than traveling from Dublin airport, with the average difference being €22.70.

However, when other factors such as the cost of travel to and from each airport as well as the price of parking are taken into consideration, Shannon Airport proves to be a viable option.

The findings come in light of recent staffing issues at Dublin Airport which have caused huge delays and led to many missing flights, leaving Shannon Airport with the potential to present itself as a competitive alternative.

And you can hear more about it on Clare FM’s Morning Focus this Monday morning from 9am.


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