“Buy Mayweather Promotions and Save Them From Bankruptcy” | Jake Paul outlines plans for Troll Level 2022

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Jake Paul had an exceptional year 2021.

‘The Problem Child’ had three ring appearances last year and earned two knockout victories en route to maintaining his undefeated professional boxing record.

In 2022, Paul wastes no time leveling his influence and continues to set the fighting world on fire.

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The Jake Paul Effect

While the world drooled over Paul on a boat with Drake on New Year’s Eve, Paul was also busy coming for his nemesis Floyd Mayweather Jr. and his company Mayweather Promotions.

Paul took to social media to lay out his plans for 2022, and it swung into the “TBE” antagonistic zone.

“Some people ask me what my goals are for 2022

Here they are

1. Buy Mayweather promotions and save them from bankruptcy
2. Hire a stylist for Floyd Mayweather
3. Take a selfie with Oprah
4 go 2 chiropractor 2 heal after wearing boxing sport.

Sting the bear

Paul began pitting the bear with Mayweather ahead of his brother Logan Paul’s exhibition match against him in June. Paul grabbed Mayweather’s hat off his head during a press conference and coined the “gotcha hat” slogan, which became a cult sensation.

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Pul even tattooed the phrase on her body and filmed the actual trolling. Since then, Mayweather and his protege Gervonta “Tank” Davis have fired on Paul throughout the year.

According to reports, before Mayweather fought Logan, he challenged Jake Paul to a real boxing match.

No flex zone

“If it’s a real fight, then I’ll go down to my real fight weight class, which is 147 pounds or 154 pounds,” Mayweather said. “If Jake Paul can get down to 154 pounds, then we can see his skills.”

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However, after the Logan Paul fight, Mayweather insists he won’t fight again. That didn’t stop young Paul from dreaming out loud.

On the heels of Jake Paul knocking out Tyron Woodley in sixth-round highlight style last month, Paul took to social media to announce his next five targets.

Make a list. Check twice.

My boxing bucket list:

1) Canelo Alvarez
2) Floyd Mayweather
3) Mike Tyson
4) Hairy Tyson
5) Dana White

Paul clearly understands the power of manifestation, and he’s relentlessly trying to light a fire under Mayweather and potentially push him out of retirement.

But Paul has also targeted Mayweather Promotions and is now speculating that the company is on the verge of bankruptcy. Mayweather, Mayweather Promotions CEO Leonard Ellerbe and boxing consultant Al Haymon have built a mighty company on the back of his namesake.

Can’t we all get along?

Now that Mayweather is retired, the team has built Gervonta “Tank” Davis. The Baltimore native is selling arenas across the country, selling pay-per-views and climbing pound-for-pound lists.

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Mayweather is a first defender for fighters, like Jake Paul, who is currently coming to UFC President Dana White for his questionable pay scale for fighters.

Although Paul is a troll looking to build hype, his focus on Mayweather Promotions business seems as misguided as it is fascinating. Still, Paul is setting the tone for his 2022 and his rise in the sports-entertainment business.

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