Battersea issues warning as average cost of dog ownership rises to £2,000 a year


A leading animal charity has urged future pet owners to consider the financial impact that fostering a dog in their home may have, having warned that the cost of a four-legged friend can easily run into the thousands.

Battersea estimates that the approximate cost of owning a dog in the UK is now around £2,000 a year, totaling £26,000 over the lifetime of the average canine companion. The charity has advised those considering getting a dog to consider whether they will be able to afford their pet in the long term.

Money spent on caring for a dog can quickly add up, with owners having to shell out for food and treats, poop bags, toys and other paraphernalia, as well as more long-term costs. bred to keep their dog happy and healthy. . This includes grooming, regular veterinary checkups and pet insurance, as well as payment for a dog walker or sitter, if any. The mirror reports.

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With the Cost of life forcing many households to make difficult choices, some may unfortunately find themselves unable to care for their pooch. Battersea has warned potential new owners to assess their financial situation first, so they don’t have to make the heartbreaking decision to give up their dog later.

Dogs Trust said it had received 18,000 calls so far this year from distraught owners who no longer had the money to keep their beloved dogs. “Owners have to make decisions between heating their home, feeding their children or giving up their dog,” revealed Adam Clowes of the Trust.

Rob Young, the center’s operations manager in Battersea, said: “In the face of rising food and energy prices, for many UK households the current environment is challenging. Given this, it is really important that people are fully informed of the costs associated with owning a dog – equipping yourself with this knowledge in advance will help ensure a happier and less stressful experience for you and your dog.

Battersea also advised owners struggling with rising costs to take some steps to save money when it comes to caring for their pup. This can include replacing brands of dog food with a cheaper option that still meets their pet’s needs, making dog treats and enrichment toys at home rather than splashing out on store-bought ones. , and ordering medications online rather than buying them directly from their veterinarian.

But they warned there are important areas where owners should avoid taking shortcuts – including insurance. “While some owners may see pet insurance as a nice extra expense, it protects you against thousands of pounds in vet bills if your dog gets sick or has an accident,” Rob advised.



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