Average “cost of death” in the United States increased by 14.3% in 2020


Data: National Association of Funeral Directors, CDC; Graphics: Michelle McGhee / Axios

If anything is certain in life, it is death and taxes. And in some states, the former is much more expensive, according to data released by Self Financial.

Inventory: Using 2020 figures from the National Funeral Directors Association and the CDC, the group looked at the average “cost of death” in the United States based on the price of end-of-life care, funerals and costs. cremations.

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Catch up quickly: The average cost of death in the United States is approximately $ 19,566.

  • Hawaii was the most expensive state, with end-of-life medical costs exceeding $ 23,073, the average funeral totaling $ 14,478 and the average cremation cost of $ 12,095. It all comes down to a huge average cost of death of $ 36,124.

  • Mississippi is the cheapest place to die, with an average cost of around $ 15,516.

The big picture: CDC figures show the cost of funerals and end-of-life care jumped to $ 63.8 billion in 2020, up 14.3% from a total of $ 55.8 billion in 2019 , underlines the report.

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