Average cost of 1 GB of mobile data: $ 0.09 in India; $ 12.55 in Canada [Infographic]


The latest infographic created by Toronto-based Jim Harris details the average cost of 1GB of mobile data across countries around the world.

For Canada, Harris says our “high data cost can be explained by the high concentration of its market. In 2018, Bell, Rogers and Telus collectively held more than 82% of all wireless service revenues, ”according to CRTC data.

The average cost of 1 GB of mobile data is $ 12.55 in Canada, while the cheapest is India at $ 0.09. The highest average cost for 1 GB of mobile data is in Malawi at $ 27.41.

For Telus-owned Koodo customers, data overages are billed $ 130 / 1GB, while Bell-owned Virgin Plus charges $ 137 / 1GB for data overages. These charges apply if you agree to pay for more data when your plan amount is consumed.

Earlier this year, the Finnish company Rewheel Research noted that the price of wireless in Canada for 20 GB of data is the most expensive in the world. Sweden’s Tefficient reported in July that mobile data prices in Canada were the most expensive in the world. Despite these reports, Canada’s telecommunications lobby group, the CWTA, is reacting to say that download speeds in Canada remain faster than those of other countries, including India.


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