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CLERMONT, Florida – A couple from Clermont claim that the voucher they received for their canceled flight due to COVID-19 is worth nothing and that they have now lost thousands of dollars on a trip to Europe they did not ‘have never done.

Laurel Garcia, who works for our parent company, and her husband, Alex Garcia, had planned to travel to Europe for a family wedding last September, then COVID-19 forced the airline to make other plans.

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“They canceled the flights. They told us months after purchasing the tickets that this route was going to be delayed, ”said Laurel Garcia.

Norwegian Air gave the couple $ 3,000 in travel vouchers for the trip to England. The couple say it was frustrating, but it was just the start.

“Then they said we were going to give you credit for just flights within Europe to Europe, and at this point we were like, ‘Well, that doesn’t help. We live in the United States. ‘ Said Laurel Garcia.

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Last November, Norwegian Air filed for bankruptcy and then sent out emails telling customers that they no longer offer flights from the United States to Europe, thus limiting the actual use of the good by many consumers.

“They got Irish court approval to stop leasing the planes they hired to fly long-haul, across the ocean. They used it and maneuvered very skillfully to get out of their obligations, ”said Willis Orlando.

Orlando is a travel expert with Scott’s Cheap Flights. He said if calling the airline or challenging it with your credit card doesn’t get you anywhere, there are other options.

“We have had members who have gone to Small Claims Court. It is quite accessible. That’s a pretty high chance of success for claims as long as the money isn’t a huge amount of money, ”Orlando said.

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The Garcias said their credit card dispute was dismissed because it had been over 90 days and they had been trying to get answers for seven months.

“There is no number you can call. In fact, you are trying to answer an email, and you know, you are either not answering the right one or there is no number,” said Alex Garcia.

Action 9 contacted Norwegian Air and an official said they offered the couple a cash refund for the flight canceled by COVID-19, but the couple initially chose the vouchers.

Laurel says that was before the airline went bankrupt and stopped offering flights from the United States.

“I would like to see our money refunded. I want my $ 3,000 back. You took it. I don’t have a plane ticket. I don’t have a trip. Give me my money back, ”said Laurel Garcia.

Norwegian Air is out of bankruptcy and operates only as a regional carrier in Europe, but you can still file a complaint with the Department of Transportation here in the United States.



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